This is the best time of day to try on heels

Alice Sholl

Heels are a tricky item of clothing. You might try on a few on Saturday morning and find a pair that fits, only to put them on later and discover they’re actually too tight. The worst.

It happens time and time again and makes us feel like we have freakish, size-changing feet — but, apparently, there’s an answer, and that’s what time of day you try on shoes.

Celebrity podiatrist Sanford Weitzbuch told Who What Wear: “It’s much better to shop for shoes later in the day, because blood circulation changes due to being on your feet or in tight shoes causes swelling.

Photo: Getty Images

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“If you buy shoes first thing in the day, your foot may swell later on and the shoe will not fit well. If you shoe-shop later in the day, it will still fit fine in the morning and be comfortable throughout the day.

“Shopping for shoes anytime after 4 p.m. should account for swelling.”

After 4 p.m., you say? Then I think we’ve got our next after-work activity sorted out.

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