Exact time cheaters are most likely to go looking

Aletha Wilkinson

With cheaters' website Ashley Madison back up and running, it seems Australians have been more than happy to get back on the infidelity horse.

And the website has revealed the one time of day when members are most likely to log on and attempt to connect with other wannabe cheaters.

There's a particular time of day that sees the biggest surge in cheating activity (posed by model). Source: Getty

"10pm is officially cheaters' prime time for texting, sexting, snap chatting and sending," a spokesperson for Ashley Madison told Be.

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Apparently, while most of us are watching the last half hour of telly before we go to bed for the night, a significant number are trying to find someone to hook up with outside of their marriage.

10pm? Time to go a-cheating, apparently (posed by model). Source: Getty

The site claims 17,000 "new connections" are made each month in Australia, making us only second to Canada for the title of Cheatingest Country.

Maybe it's just us but this doesn't seem like the best all-round solution for marital issues (posed by models). Source: Getty

What an... honour?

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