This just may be the coolest hotel ever

Leah Ginsberg

You have never seen a hotel like this before. The new Sunrise Kempinski Hotel in Beijing was inspired by the shape of the rising sun – and the result is a gorgeous glowing orb sitting on beautiful Yanqi Lake, bursting with luxury.

Photo: Kempinski Hotels

Perhaps the coolest part of this hotel is the design. In addition to the sun imagery, the entryway is meant to look like the mouth of a fish – which in Chinese culture symbolizes prosperity, and from the side the hotel is shaped like a scallop, which represents fortune. The Sunrise is also covered with more than 10,000 glass panels designed to reflect the scenic surroundings: The top reflects color of the sky, the middle Yanshan Mountain, and the bottom the lake. At night, the building is lit with glowing LEDs.

Photo: Kempinski Hotels

And the artistry doesn’t stop at the door. The interior designers “created elements of intrigue within the overall design of the hotel by experimenting with the juxtaposition of solids and voids, and infusing reoccurring geometric forms into unexpected spaces, design elements and features,” boasts the hotel’s website.

Photo: Kempinski Hotels

Set to open in mid-November, the high end hotel has 306 rooms and a spa among other amenities, and is part of a larger resort complex that includes the Yanqi Hotel and 12 boutique hotels on a nearby private island. All together there are 14 restaurants and bars, two spas, a grand ballroom, a private marina, pagoda, recreational and fitness facilities, and a kids club. It reportedly took 9,300 construction workers 24 months to build.

The Presidential suite at the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel. Photo: Kempinski Hotels

Advance bookings and early bird rates are available until February.

This article originally appeared on Yahoo Travel.