This meal is officially the best hangover cure

Allison Yee

It’s New Year's Day, you’ve got a pounding headache and you’re facing the epic hangover dilemma people have pondered for decades: to eat or not to eat?

While the idea of eating solids might make your stomach churn, a study from the UK found there's one meal that saw people feel better.

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After surveying 2000 people, a traditional big breakfast did wonders when it came to hangover damage control, with people feeling better within three hours of eating.

For those who opted for the other post-drink breakfast of champions - painkillers - only 19 percent felt better in the same time.

Go for a full breakfast with eggs and you'll feel better than if you didn't. Photo: Getty images

And for those who decided to stay in bed and wallow in next-day shame, only three percent felt any better after three hours.

With the survey conducted by British Lion eggs, it makes sense that having a couple of eggs in the morning helps as they contain amino acids taurine, which helps reverse liver damage, and cysteine which breaks down hangover-causing toxins.

Tomato juice is also said to be a great hangover buster. Photo: Getty images

Don’t be tempted by your normal glass of orange juice either. Skip the citrus and go for a virgin Bloody Mary instead, with tomato juice helping to boost your glucose levels to get rid of that “I feel like death” feeling.

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