This photo of a mum breastfeeding a minute after completing a triathlon is going viral

Sarah Carty

Less than a minute after completing her first triathlon after giving birth, Katrina Bolduc began breastfeeding her seven-month-old son at the finish line and now the photo has gone viral for all the right reasons.

The photo was uploaded to the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page alongside the caption: "Let's give it up for this Triathlon medal winning breastfeeding mama!".

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"First triathlon back postpartum and as soon as I finished my little 7 month old needed to eat," Katrina said in the post.

Katrina posted this photo online. Photo: Katrina Bolduc

"Got my medal and fed my baby like a champ. I dared anyone to test me here, but no one even cared, and even commented as I fed him. This is a special day in the books for me,"

The Californian yoga instructor has revealed that she used to feel petrified about breastfeeding in public because her friends had some pretty bad experiences in the past.

"After I came through the running chute, I got my finisher's medal, grabbed some water and came right out to say hello to them. My husband said, 'Oh, he's hungry. He missed you,' so I just grabbed my son and started feeding him," she told Today.

Katrina said that instead of receiving insults from passerby's, she instead was congratulated on the race.

"People were saying, 'Good job, mama,'" she said.

"It was a huge relief for me. It was great to complete the triathlon, to be acknowledged for completing the race and also for being a mom. I feel like it was an all-around positive self-esteem booster."

Katrina, who was told before she had her son that she would never have children said she believes women are body-shamed after giving birth and says it takes a lot to get up the confidence to go and lose weight.

“I think all of us as new moms are a little body-shamed by people everywhere,” she told Self.

“I’ve always been active, but even I found myself kind of in that rut, and it was a little bit harder to get back into the endurance shape that I was used to.”

Katrina poses with her seven-month-old son. Photo: Katrina Bolduc

Now the picture she posted to Facebook is going viral with over 5,000 likes and she's couldn't be happier, hoping it shows women that you can have a positive experience breastfeeding in public.

“My hope is people will share the light and the love surrounding breastfeeding and motherhood and going out and being active,” she says. “And also focus on the positive rather than the negative. And just girl power—we can do it.”

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