This polyamorous 'throuple' is raising three kids together

Kristine Tarbert

A polyamorous ‘throuple’ have opened up about their relationship and what it’s like raising three kids between them.

Adam Lyons, Brooke Shedd, and Jane Shalakhova have been in a relationship with each other for six years. They all love each other and share a bed.

Between them they are raising three kids with another on the way – Brooke has a son from a previous relationship, Brooke and Adam have a son Dante, with a baby girl on the way, and Adam and Jane have a son Orion.

Jane, Adam and Brooke are in a polyamorous relationship. Photo: Instagram

“I guess people say that you fall in love, and I kind of just fell into this relationship. And I’m not complaining about it but it can be really hard work as well,” Adam said while speaking about their relationship on Megan Kelly’s Today show.

Brooke and Adam originally met at a night club but when they decided to start a relationship Brooke had made it clear that she did not want to give up seeing women. So Adam agreed and said the same.

Not long after they met Jane and settled down. Both Brooke and Jane identify as bisexual.

The trio recently opened up about their relationship on Today. Photo: Today

“There is absolutely jealousy all the time,” Brooke revealed.

“But you kind of have to question yourself when that comes up and work out if you have a problem with your partner or it’s a problem I have with myself.”

Between them they have three kids with another on the way. Photo: Instagram

According to Brooke, the Austin-based trio generally have sex together, but if one person isn’t feeling it they try to give the other two private time.

“People call us a poly-family but we just call ourselves a family. We don’t really like to put a label on it,” Adam said.

While some people took to social media labellin the family ‘sleazy’ or saying what they are doing was ‘cheating’, the group don’t let it get to them.

They've been together for six years. Photo: Instagram

“Our friends that know, know, but that's about it,” Adam said.

But many were quick to defend the throuple and their choices.

“I couldn’t do it but each to their own, I can see the benefits,” one said.

“Between consenting adults. Looks fine to me,” another wrote.

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