This tattoo could save your life

Allison Yee

They used to be something your parents yelled at you for getting, but tattoos have taken a turn for the life-saving following news you can actually get inked to help your health.

With tattoos now more popular than ever, researchers at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a smart tattoo that changes colour depending on what’s happening in your body.

Naming the project ‘Dermal Abyss’, researchers have developed biosensitive inks that react to changes and chemical concentrations occurring in your blood.

This tattoo can detect changes in your body. Source: Youtube/Harvard University

Glucose levels is one of these changes, with the ink changing colour from green to brown, or if your green intensifies, that could be a sign of rising sodium levels, and a risk of dehydration.

Researchers are still trialling the tatts, with testing currently being done on pigskin, but it’s believed if successful, they could be of help to those suffering from conditions such as diabetes and monitoring their blood sugar.

If you're not keen on having ink showing, researchers claim the tattoo can be invisible until under certain colour lights.

Testing is still happening but this tatt could be the health monitor of the future. Photo: Youtube/Harvard University

It can also be used with an app that be used with Fitbits or Apple watches.

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