This 'Walking Dead' themed wedding is as terrifying as it is awesome

Leah Cohen

This post-apocalyptic wedding is certainly one for the books.

DeAngelo Williams' and longtime girlfriend Risalyn Burzynski tied the knot on the weekend in the most unusal way - with a Walking Dead-themed wedding.

This bride and groom celebrated their wedding day in the most bizarre way. Photo: YouTube
A Walking Dead wedding had been DeAngelo Williams' dream all his life. Photo: YouTube

The NFL star made his entire wedding party get into theme for the photoshoot, which was documented by ESPN.

Surprisingly, Williams didn’t have to convince his bride, but rather the bridesmaids who had most likely imagined their friend’s special day very differently.

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Adorned in convincing makeup with fake blood dripping from their faces and ripped outfits - the zombified wedding party look absolutely terrifying. While it looks like something straight out of a horror movie, it’s quite funny too, especially seeing the priest in the thick of the fun.

The priest even dresses up. Photo: YouTube
The bridesmaids needed some convincing. Photo: YouTube

Williams has been a huge fan of the comic book turned TV show, and said in the video above that it’s been a fantasy of his to reenact it in real life.

“I wanted to do engagement photos with us being chased by zombies,” Williams said, whose dreams finally came true.

The bride and groom's special day planned out exactly how they wanted it to. Photo: YouTube

“Not only did I become a Walker, but I became a husband,” Williams said.

How horrifyingly romantic.

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