People are outraged by Tiffany Trump's bare legs at the White House

Maggie Parker

Tiffany Trump attended the White House pardoning ceremony for the National Thanksgiving Turkey in a short leg-baring outfit - and people are outraged

The 24-year-old stole the spotlight from the two turkeys being granted a second chance — Wishbone and Drumstick.

For the occasion, Tiffany wore a short red tweed coat with hints of pink. She must have been wearing an even shorter dress or skirt underneath because her legs were bare and accentuated by black pumps.

Ivanka Trump with daughter Arabella and sister Tiffany Trump after viewing the pardoned Thanksgiving turkey Drumstick in the Rose Garden. Photo: Getty Images
People are outraged at Tiffany's short skirt. Photo: Getty Images
She was slated on Twitter for her attire. Photo: Getty Images

People on Twitter called her look “saucy,” while others reprimanded her for wearing such an outfit to the White House.

Others didn’t even notice her legs, because they were too distracted by her interaction with the turkeys.

The second most talked-about person at the event? Not Donald, or even Wishbone, but Ivanka. She and her daughter Arabella were twinning in red coats, matching Tiffany.

Ivanka’s outfit was a little more demure. She was decked out in head-to-toe Dolce and Gabbana, starting with a pink and red floral jacquard skirt that costs $1,695.

On top she wore a double-breasted red peacoat with mismatching decorative buttons and a Sicilian-style standing collar. The coat retails for $3,000. She also wore black pumps and black tights

Arabella’s red coat featured a big bow on the neckline. She wore it with tall back boots.

However others were more fixated on her dad pardoning the turkey. Photo: Getty Images

Even Melania Trump jumped on the red bandwagon, pairing her long Thanksgiving-themed multicolor Stella McCartney coat, which is currently on sale for $975, with a red sweater and a brown leather skirt.

If this is how they dress for Thanksgiving, we can’t wait to see their coordinated Christmas outfits.

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