Tiffany Trump’s secret to endless legs optical illusion

Bianca Soldani

You don’t have to be a supermodel to have legs for days – or at least the appearance of it.

Tiffany Trump – the US President’s daughter with second wife Marla Maples – celebrated her 24th birthday on Friday and marked the occasion by sharing an optical illusion photo with her fans.

The Instagram snap sees Tiffany dressed in an AU$870 Haute Hippe tuxedo mini dress while holding an impressive bunch of helium balloons. But the one thing people could look past were her incredibly long legs, so what was her secret?

Tiffany shared this mind-bending photo on Instagram

Well, it was probably a number of things. Firstly, the angle of the photo and her pose focuses attention on the lower half of her body, while her sky-high stilettos and the very short hem of her dress go a long way towards accentuating her long limbs.

The blurring of everything else in the background also puts Tiffany front and centre.

Tiffany celebrated her 24th birthday on Friday

Her fans reacted accordingly, with one saying: “THIS girl has legs clear up to her neck!”

Another wondered about Tiffany’s secret behind the illusion, writing, “How’d you do that? I want my legs to look long!!”

Interestingly however, there was quite a bit of silence by on social media by Tiffany’s own family.
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