Tim Dormer spills on live-in boyfriend Ash's worst habit

Carly Williams

We've all experienced a housemate who's driven us up the wall.

Big Brother legend Tim Dormer's had more than his fair share of housemate from hell moments in the Big Brother House but even his super sexy bae Ash has little annoying household habits.

Tim and Ash are couple goals ... but they still annoy each other. Photo: Tim Dormer

So what are they?

"Taking too long in the bathroom," Tim exclusively told Be.

"Seriously, he's like a grandpa reading a newspaper on the toilet! Maybe he's not eating enough fibre?"

So apparently Ash is a 'grandad' in the toilet. Photo: Tim Dormer

LOL love the TMI.

But Tim reckons he is as equally annoying to live with.

Tim annoys all his housemates by clogging the drains with his mop. Photo: Tim Dormer

"You only have to take one look at my curly mane to realise I'm probably going to clog a drain a two," Tim explained.

"I shed hair like a dog every time I shower, and I am guilty of not always collecting it from the floor when I finish. Seriously though, does anyone actually enjoy using a coat hanger to scoop out a smelly hairball out of a clogged drain?"

Tim highlights housemate rules we've all broken in his latest video for Be. Photo: Be


Tim says his worst housemate fail outshines Ash taking his time in the loo.

Awks couple PDAs in communical spaces? The worst! Photo: Be

"I once had a housemate that I suspected was using my soap, he swore he wasn't and even tried to deny it when I had proof of the crime in the form of big black pubic hairs stuck to the soap," he said.

Never taking the rubbish out? So annoying. Photo: Be

"Lets just say my carpet matches my drapes and it wasn't mine! I've learnt to never use communal soap again!"

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Cheers to that.

Surelt Tim's not this bad? Photo: Be

Infact Tim's had so much experience with dodgey housemates he teamed up with Be to create a Housemate Rules Guide. Check it out at the top of the article.

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