WATCH: Tim Minchin's song for marriage equality

Amy Stevenson

Tim Minchin has re-worked a classic Australian tune, showing which side of the debate he's on when it comes to marriage equality in his homeland.

Sharing a video to Facebook, the comedian re-writes Peter Allen'sI Still Call Australia Home, taking aim at the government and postal plebiscite that is likely to take place, encouraging Australians to vote in the postal poll in an effort to legalise same-sex marriage. Watch the video above.

Tim shared his message about marriage equality online. Source: Tim Minchin Facebook

"No matter how far, or how wide I roam, I still call Australia hom...ophobic," Tim is heard singing to the tune of the 1980s song.

Tim ended the tune, addressing the politicians singing: "Your attempt to keep Australia in the past will be a failure because most of Australia ain’t homophobic."

The video has had over 380,000 views since it was uploaded early Friday morning.

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The comedian encouraged Australians to vote 'Yes' in the poll. Source: Tim Minchin Facebook

Tim finished the video with a short message encouraging fans to vote writing: "I think the proposed plebiscite on marriage equality is noxious and obnoxious. Polls show that Aussies are overwhelmingly in favour of marriage equality (not that it should matter... it's not f***ing 'X-Factor'). BUT... If the horrid thing goes ahead let's drown the mofos in 'YES' votes!!"

"The condescending s**ts think by making it postal, young people won't vote... prove them wrong," the message concluded.

For Australians to participate in the postal plebiscite they will need to be correctly enrolled by 24 August 2017. To check your enrollment visit the Australian Electoral Commission website.

It's not the first time Tim has used a song to send a strong political message, sharing a controversial song calling on Cardinal George Pell to come home last year.

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