Tina Arena felt 'selfish' after miscarriages

Amy Stevenson

Tina Arena has revealed she felt "embarrassed" and "selfish" talking about the three miscarriages she suffered.

The 49-year-old admitted she was worried people would think she was "spoilt" for speaking about losing three babies after she welcomed son Gabriel in 2005.

Tina admits she felt

"I almost felt embarrassed to talk about it and selfish in a way," Tina told Mia Freedman during a chat on the No Filter podcast.

The Chains singer went to add she was worried people would perceive her as "spolit" and that she was only going through a "'First World Problem".

Earlier this month Tina revealed she had lost three babies after the birth of her son, and recounted the heartbreaking moment she suffered a miscarriage in front of him when he was only two years old.

Tina Arena opens up about her painful experiences. Source: ABC
The singer admitted she lost a baby in front of her son when he was two. Source: ABC

"I lost three after Gab. I miscarried, like, a lot," Tina told host Anh Do during an emotional interview on ABC's Anh's Brush With Fame.

"Gab was there watching me go through that pain, and was holding me going, 'Mummy, Mummy,' and I'm going, 'It's okay darling.'"

"You know, sometimes you can still see that panic in his eyes. If he doesn't see me happy or something, I almost go back to that moment in time where I remember Gabriel, at two years of age, who absolutely knew that something wasn't right with his mum."

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Tina admitted she felt the trauma of the events after going through menopause at 46. Source: Getty

Speaking further about that one particular experience Tina revealed how she took herself to the hospital after dropping her son off at daycare.

"It was unbelievably painful. I took Gabriel to creche, I got on a bus, and I took myself to the hospital," she added.

"I went through the operation, got myself back on a bus, caught the bus home by myself and went and picked up my son from creche. Life's glamourous, isn't it?"

The songstress admitted the events left her "really stoic" for many years and the trauma of suffering the miscarriages didn't hit her until she went into menopause at 46-years-old, adding that she "fell apart".

"That's when I went, 'I can never reproduce again. My body's done. The machine's broken down.' That was tough."

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