To Catch a Cheater busts two-timing girlfriend

Aletha Wilkinson

Just when you think human relationships can't get any cheaper.

In the latest instalment of popular webseries To Catch a Cheater, a young woman watches on as her boyfriend, Steve, is "honey-trapped" by an attractive hired accomplice.

Approached by the actress, Steve immediately starts flirting, leaving his girlfriend horrified as he declares that he's single.

Steve, you dirty dog. Source: YouTube/To Catch a Cheater

They progress to swapping details, then kissing, and agreeing to meet up later that evening.

Steve kisses the woman hired to catch him out. Source: YouTube/To Catch a Cheater
So busted. Source: YouTube/To Catch a Cheater

But it gets worse.

In a bizarre twist, it seems Steve's girlfriend is also dating another man – Darnell.

Suddenly, we're watching as the actress attempts to pick up Darnell as well. Incredibly, the girlfriend in this scenario is dating two men at the same time, but wants to know whether they will be faithful to her.

To his credit Darnell survives the onslaught with his integrity intact, telling the trapper that he has a girlfriend and that "it's serious".

Darnell is a a stand-up guy. Or the actress just isn't good enough. Either/or. Source: YouTube/To Catch a Cheater

While you might think that the story sank to its lowest possible ebb when Steve handed over his phone number, it only gets more disheartening.

The woman, who remains unnamed throughout, then decides she must choose cheating Steve – because despite poor Darnell showing nothing but good character, she's overall more drawn to the boyfriend who openly went behind her back.

She ends up picking this guy anyway... Source: YouTube/To Catch a Cheater

Well, they probably deserve each other.

You got that right, lady. Source: YouTube/To Catch a Cheater

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