Toddler Has The Cutest Reaction To Adele's 'Hello'

Jessica Clark
Yahoo7 Entertainment

Is there anything more precious in the world than a child's innocent reaction to a song about heartbreak?

Spoiler alert: no.

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So when we found this super cute Vine floating around the Internet, we just had to share.

This tiny tot was just relaxing on the couch with his dad, when he heard the opening line of Adele's newest single, Hello.

What happens next is just too darn adorable.

The video is just the latest in hilarious parodies of the singer's heartbreaking new song.

Earlier this week, Sir David Attenborough offered his outstanding voiceover talents to the music video.

And when the music video was first released, Lionel Ritchie was quick to jump on the meme bandwagon, posting this hilarious mash-up with his biggest hit of the same name to his Instagram.