Toddler hilariously locks mum’s iPhone for 47 years

Allison Yee

It’s the handheld babysitter that helps keep your tot occupied while you’re frantically trying to parent, but one mum learnt the hard way that giving your toddler your phone can result in some serious consequences.

A Shanghai mum was forced to seek help from her local Apple store after she left her two-year-old with her iPhone to watch educational videos.

When she returned, the mum was horrified to find that her phone had been locked thanks to her little cherub repeatedly punching in the wrong passcode.

Toddlers: so angelic looking until they lock your phone for decades. Photo: Getty

"iPhone is disabled, try again in 25,114,984 minutes," the phone notification read, reports the Global Times.

Do the math, and yep, that’s about 47 years.

Lesson learnt not to leave your phone unattended with little ones. Photo: Getty

The unidentified mum was told by Apple technician Wei Chunlong that while the situation wasn’t ideal, there were ways around it by resetting her device, which would result in her losing everything she hadn’t backed up.

“In this woman’s case, the only way out [without waiting] is to erase all the phone data and do a factory reset,” Wei told Newsweek.

There are ways to get around a lock - but it involves doing a phone reset. Photo:

According to Wei, this kind of incident isn’t that rare, with the technician claiming he’s seen phones locked for decades.

While we’d probably go a different route, the mum has decided to wait it out, and two months later is reportedly still locked in a battle of the wills with her locked phone.

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