Toddler left brain dead after car seat tragedy

Allison Yee

A toddler has tragically been left brain dead after he was reportedly strapped incorrectly into his car seat.

One-year-old Major Maxie was found unconscious in his seat by his father after being dropped off by a caregiver, and was quickly rushed to hospital.

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Doctors later heartbreakingly declared the 17-month-old brain dead, with the toddler’s family believing he was strapped incorrectly into his seat, with the seat belt obstructing his air flow.

“The doctor stated he was without oxygen to the brain for 30 minutes,” Major’s grandmother Jackie Smith told Fox59.

The toddler's grandmother has spoken out after he was tragically found unconscious in his car seat. Photo: Facebook

According to reports, Major had recently been returned to the care of his mother after being placed with a foster family.

At the time of the accident, a caregiver from Lifeline Youth and Family Services had been dropping the tot off to his father for a supervised visitation.

The caregiver was transporting Major from his mother's house in Noblesville, Indiana. She arrived at the father's home, getting out of the car and allegedly telling him she had a "surprise" for him in the car.

It was then Major's father opened the door and found his son unresponsive and not breathing.

The toddler's devastated family are now planning to donate his organs. Photo: GoFundMe

"First and foremost this is a tragedy, second is our prayers go out to that family and everybody involved," Mark Terrell, CEO of Lifeline Youth and Family Services, told Fox 59, before confirming an investigation is taking place.

Major’s family are now planning to donate his organs, and a GoFundMe page has been set up in support of the family.

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