'Too brutal': Guy on X Factor

Amy Stevenson

He didn't hold back when speaking about his feelings towards fellow judge Iggy Azalea, and now Guy Sebastian has revealed what he'd like to see in The X Factor next season.

Speaking to Be while promoting his new EP Part 1, the 35-year-old was honest in his appraisal, saying the strain between the opinionated judges- which also included American singer Adam Lambert and former Spice Girl Mel B- was unnecessarily the focus.

Guy Sebastian talks about the X Factor's judges clash. Source: Getty
Iggy with her X Factor judges Adam Lambert and Guy Sebastian. Source: Channel 7

"I think there was a bit of unnecessary drumming up of the tension," Guy told Be, "and I don't understand why that was because there was already a lot of organic tension.

"We're obviously going to argue, and we're going to disagree, because we're invested- and as a judge you take it personally, because you get attached to your artists.

"We legitimately spent a lot of time maturing these artists and shaping them....and I think that focus is important and when it starts getting like we're carrying on like pork chops it comes across as if we're all a bit whiny and comes across a bit stupid."

Guy with his fellow X Factor judges backstage during filming.Source: Instagram

The accomplished artist also suggested the format might have been too quick to eliminate contestants.

"The fast nature of the show doesn't allow the audience to grow with the contestants or panel and it was over in 5 weeks- we lost 4 people in one show," he said. "It was just a little too brutal."

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Guy also opens up about his new EP Part 1. Source: Instagram

Meanwhile the father-of-two's describes his latest EP as a "honest album", saying the songwriting process became like a personal therapy for him.

"In the past I might have written about other people and what they have gone through," he explained, "whereas this is a pretty honest album about the challenges of life and being a touring musician.

"Definitely with songs like Set In Stone and Home that happened [to me]. It's definitely an album that was made more out of inspiration than a labour of love."

Set In Stone is about an 'unshakeable love' and Home is about convincing someone to spend time with him.

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