You’ll never guess the sexiest town in Australia

Kristine Tarbert

Trying to imagine the sexiest town in Australia our thoughts immediately went towards the beach - bikini babes and summer sun.

Maybe it’s the Gold Coast, known for it’s sexy metre-maids and a general partying culture.

But we were way off.

Can you guess the sexiest town in Australia? Photo: Getty

Turns out the sexiest city in Australia – due to its love of sex-toys – is….drumroll

Toowoomba, QLD.

Toowoomba has held on to title of sexiest town in Aus. Photo: Getty

Online adult store Femplay recently revealed the garden city has held on to its sexy title after coming in at number one again based on adult toy sales.

Toowoomba has been considered the sexiest city since late last year, and is now closely followed by – not the Gold Coast – Cairns, Sydney, Townsville, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The garden city beat Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne. Photo: Instagram

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The town to the west of Brisbane is constantly surprising us. We definitely wouldn’t have picked it as the sex-toy capital of Australia.

But that’s not all it has to offer of course.

Toowoomba was home to plenty of celebrities. Photo: Getty

Toowoomba is also the home of plenty of celebrities like Sonia Kruger and Hollywood actor Geoffrey Rush.

And it often lays claim to being the ‘most haunted’ town in Australia.

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