MAFS' Tracey busted sexting Dean

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In the final twist in the hot mess that is Married at First Sight, Tracey was sexting Dean after the experiment, while she was meant to be with Sean.

Crack the vino because this is one hell of a ride ……

Poor Tracey, the victim of her actual on-screen husband Dean’s ‘emotional cheating’ with Davina, was called out by Dean for sending him snaps of herself in her bra and knickers.

Tracey's face when Dean accused her of sexting him while she was with Sean. Photo: Nine

“I wasn’t going to bring this up but … you send me very inappropriate messages,” Dean blurted out in Wednesday night’s epic finale.

“You send me photos of you in your underwear.

“You send me photos of you in your bedroom saying ‘Sean’s going to love this outfit.’”

Dean claims Tracey never asked him to stop sending her sexy texts. Photo: Nine

This explains why Sean was so pissed at Dean at Tuesday evening’s dinner party.

Turns out Tracey conveniently forgot to tell her new beau Sean that she was still in contact with her ex on-air hubby after she dumped him at the last commitment ceremony.

"Yes, I did let a few inappropriate texts slide," Tracey admits.

Oops. Did the pot just meet the kettle?

He's been called Ellen Degeneres but we reckon Sean was more Grumpy Cat during Wednesday night's finale. Photo: Twitter/Nine

The sexting scandal wasn’t the only bombshell… we’ve all been living for the moment fans get to see Dean Wells squirm when the group watches back footage of his and Davina Rankin’s flirt fest for the first time.

MAFS producers wheeled out the telly to playback the moments Davina and Dean hooked up in secret and it’s almost insufferable to watch.

Starting with the moment Dean says to Davina while they’re canoodling, “No offence to Tracey, but her looks are not her best quality.”

Dean’s face says it all.

Contestants got to see Dean and Davina's flirt-fest for the first time. It was more than awks. Photo: Nine

“It’s not an insult, you have a lot of good qualities,” he quickly says going a nice shade of Barnaby-Joyce red.

“You know what, I don’t want my looks to be my best quality because I’ve got so many other qualities,” Tracey says as the footage rolls.

We have a feeling Davina enjoyed Dean trying to explain his 'emotional cheating.' Photo: Nine

The contestants continue to gasp as they see Dean and Davina all over each other, secretly meeting for a pub date and trying not to stick their tongues down each others’ throats.

“I’m way more attracted to her (Davina) than Tracey,” Dean said in his piece-to-camera.

“Oh shit,” he said watching it back.

But Trace seems to take most of her anger out on Dav.

Remember the episode of Married At First Sight when Davina and Dean agreed to pursue a romance, behind their respectable TV partners' backs. Source: Channel Nine

“You have no morals and no values,” Tracey scolds Davina.

“I really liked Dean, and I thought he liked me too,” Davina rebuts.

“People like you can think you can get away with it, because of the way you look,” Tracey says.

“Trust me, I’m remorseful, I feel bad,” Davina says.

Oh, the time Davina and Dean 'emotionally cheated'. Source: Channel Nine

But hang on, we’ve got some wise words from good ol’ uncle Nasser.

“Darling you’ve got to grow up, it’s not all about hashtag Davina hashtag coconut oil,” he interjects.

Hashtag it’s not over yet …

What about the lads bro-ing out hard on Boy’s night? Yes, the wife swap is played back to the girls and shit gets weird when Dean offers his missus Tracey up for the taking.

Remember the “Someone just say they wanna bang Tracey” line?

Troy defends the bahaviour as locker room chat.

“It’s a bit of fun, we’re all just joking,” Dean says.

“You kept saying ‘who would nail Tracey,’” Tracey says. But we’re not sure she has a leg to stand on.

“I can see how you’d see that was a bit disrespectful and I apologise to all the women here,” says Dean with his tail between his legs.

Call the cops! Did Dean just take responsibility for something shitty that he did? Well, I never.

Watch the video at the top of the article for all the high-drama.

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