Tradie on the struggles of fake tanning his girlfriend

Sarah Carty

A tradie has spoken out after his hilarious complaint on fake tanning company Bondi Sands’ Facebook went viral.

Wagga Wagga man Brenton Mohr, who spends every week fake tanning his partner, Shannon Brookes’ back, claimed he’s had enough with the brand’s small gloves and begged them to make one big enough for his hands.

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“I'm writing to you on behalf of all men with girlfriends, partners/wife's,” he started his post.

A tradesman's post went viral after he posted this picture showing the struggles of fake tanning his girlfriend with a tanning mit that's too small. Photo: Facebook
Brenton appeared on Sunrise with his girlfriend Shannon to talk about the struggle. Photo: Sunrise

“At least once a week I have to tan my partner with "Bondi Sands" and don't get me wrong your product is amazing, and turns her into a 10.

“But the gloves you supply for your product have one down fall they don't fit big hands resulting in me getting half a tanned hand for a week.

“I was just wondering if you guys could send me out some bigger gloves to help me with this problem and maybe throw in a couple of free bottles.”

Since posting the message, the man’s hilarious outpouring has received over 15,000 comments and nearly 5,000 comments from others who can relate.

“This is you every week,” one woman said, tagging her partner in the post.

He shoed just how messy things can get. Photo: Sunrise

“Very true! My hubby feels the same!!,” another person said.

Brenton appeared on Sunrise this morning to reveal exactly what he hoped to get out of the post.

“Just a new pair of gloves and maybe a coupe of bottles of tan but they haven’t responded,” he said.

His partner Shannon claimed a larger glove was definitely needed because Brenton “complains all the time” about the fake tan getting on his hands.

“We do need the bigger gloves so there is no streaks because he always ends up getting the back of it and the sides and it is pretty vicious when we do it, he does push me around a lot but it’s ok as long as I look good,” she said.

Brenton claims he might turn his idea into a new business venture and judging by the amount of comments on his post, we reckon he might be on to something.

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