Training For Weight Loss: Start Over the Holiday

Everyone wants to lose weight
-- I know... And as you may know by now, I like to address total health, mind-body fitness, and changing the whole kit and caboodle for good.

But, I will address weight loss specifically because so many of us suffer from NOT being able to reach our goal weight and/or keep it. And being at a healthy, comfortable, and desirable weight is essential to good health and self-love.

Let's do this together -- OK?

Let's train together, lose (weight, restrictive thinking, and punitive behaviors) together, and gain (sanity, self empowerment, and a new lease on life) together, this summer! OK?

We are all -- as of right now -- in training. We'll tackle one or two little training elements each week and very soon you'll feel and look so much better.

Every Wednesday (Workout Wednesday) you'll get a new training tip or workout for your week -- yep, your training week begins on Wednesday! But today, and everyday YOU ARE IN TRAINING! We all are and we are training for the longest, most important event ever -- life.

So now you must think an act like that athlete in training.

Here's a little something that I want you to take through your July 4th long weekend:

Every athlete knows that you can't train hard all the time -- especially if your training period is long, which it is when your event is long. And our event just happens to be the longest event of all -- so there will be periods that you will train really hard, and times when we will workout at moderate intensities, and other times when our training is going to be relaxed and easy.

Over the July 4th holiday, be conscious of what you are putting in your mouth. That's all. I just want you to become very, very conscious. You will, when you are more aware, have the ability to choose and not eat out of habit (unconsciously). This weekend is a great time to begin since the eating and drinking behavior of just about everyone I know is exaggerated on holidays. You should be able to recognize right away how much you are consuming around the bar-b-que and bar - and hopefully cease before you are unhappy for stuffing yourself.

Pay attention. Enjoy your eating -- don't abuse it. And don't beat yourself up, no matter what -- this is new and you will get better and better as you become more and more aware.

Have a great weekend and a happy, healthy 4th of July.

- Debbie Rocker