Transgender woman sells virginity for $50,000

Sarah Carty

A transgender woman is selling her virginity for $50,000 so she can pay to have a sex change.

Lila Rose, told The Sun that whoever makes the highest bid can be guaranteed “mind-blowing sex” in return.

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The 25-year-old West Londoner says she needs (£15,000) $25,000 to pay for the operation and a further (£15,000) $25,000 to make her bum and boobs bigger.

"I will be a brand new and fresh woman and am willing to sell myself to the highest bidder,” she told The Sun.

"Whoever wins will pay for my surgery and then have sex with me after.

"I hope it will be good sex - it'll certainly be interesting.”

Lila, who grew up as a Muslim in France, said she can’t afford the surgery herself.

She describes herself on her Instagram page as an ‘it girl’ and a beauty, fashion, travel and fitness fanatic.

And while she admits she has had sex already in her life, she claims she will be “fresh” after her operation and essentially will be like a virgin again.

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