Quirky neck-brace to aid public sleepers

Look out Ostrich Pillow, there’s something even quirkier revolutionizing mobile nappers. The UpRight Sleeper, which looks more like a neck brace or thigh cruncher, is the latest contraption on the market aimed to keep your head in place whilst you doze off sitting upright.

Credit: UpRight Sleeper

Quirky neck-brace to aid public sleepers

Quirky neck-brace to aid public sleepers

If you have ever faced the embarrassing problem of falling asleep on fellow passengers on public transport or even in the sky, perhaps the UpRight Sleeper is for you.

According to manufacturers, The UpRight Sleeper, allows the user a “peaceful slumber while sitting up straight in a car, train or plane”, the Daily Mail reported.

The adjustable brace can either sit snug under the chin or go right up around the forehead. Unfortunately, unlike a thigh-cruncher which you can use in the privacy of your own home, the UpRight Sleeper requires wearing in public where you run the risk of being snapped up on instagram or facebook.

To avoid embarrassment, a deluxe kit is available for users wanting to conceal the brace with a plush tote and satin or fleece cover.

It accommodates all head shapes and sizes, and has a back strap that is fitted between the wearer’s back and seat to stabilize movement.

It moves around to accommodate different head shapes and sizes, and a back strap is fitted between the wearer's back and seat to keep everything in place.

The UpRight Sleeper is available on its own for around US$40, but if you do decide to buy one you might want to consider getting an Ostrich Pillow to hide yourself in when wearing the neck-brace in public.

Watch the hilarious instructional video here:

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