Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

Can you read the weather? Tick.

Can you land a plane safely? Tick.

Do you smell good in the cockpit?

One airline has raised eyebrows with its bizarre sniff test that screens potential pilots for body odour.

Chinese international carrier Hainan Airlines operates a zero-body-odour policy and has come under fire for making flight crew applicants have their bare armpits sniffed during the interview process, website AsiaOne reports.

“I passed everything, but I was doomed by my armpits, which are always a bit whiffy,” one rejected applicant said.

The company is defending the rule, with one spokesman telling a Chinese news website its flight crew often interacts with passengers “and no passenger wants to smell a pilot’s armpits”.

The airline also says the smell check reflects a pilot’s stress management skills – if they’ve worked up a sweat, clearly they can’t keep their cool.

What do you think of the test?

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