Images: Fukuhen
Images: Fukuhen

You'd think a public toilet is the last place people would want to spend the night, but folk in Japan are lining up – and actually paying for the privilege.

Japanese artist Tatzu Nishino has transformed a public bathroom in Osaka to a one-room hotel called the Nakanoshima.

For 10,000 yen ($152) a night, guests can sleep in a proper bed and have their own shower and bathroom facilities within the 22-square-metre room.

It looks luxurious, but the public restroom it sits within is still fully functional – and with no sound-proofing, the sounds of flushing toilets and bodily functions are audible to guests.

But, fans of Nishino's work have not been deterred. The room is fully booked for the duration of its installation, which is part of the Osaka Canvas Project art event.

Would you stay in this hotel room?

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