Australian flag, Gundagai - By thewamphyri
Australian flag, Gundagai - By thewamphyri

Public Holidays in Australia for 2013

New Year's DayJan 1 2013All States
Australia DayJan 26 2013All States
Australia Day Hol.Jan 28 2013All States
Labour Day4 Mar 2013WA
Adelaide Cup Day11 Mar 2013SA
Labour Day11 Mar 2013VIC
8 Hours Day11 Mar 2013TAS
Good Friday29 Mar 2013All States
Easter Monday1 April 2013All States
ANZAC Day25 April 2013All States
May Day6 May 2013NT
Queen's B'Day10 Jun 2013All States except WA
Foundation Day3 June 2013WA
Queen's B'Day30 Sept 2013WA
Labour Day7 Oct 2013NSW, SA, QLD, ACT
Christmas Day25 Dec 2013All States
Boxing Day26 Dec 2013All States

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