Saucy stories from 30,000 ft
Saucy stories from 30,000 ft

A survey asking people what naughty antics they’ve witnessed on planes has uncovered some rather saucy tales.

Travel website surveyed passengers in the Asia Pacific region and found more than 15 percent had seen some form of sexual activity in the sky.

The most common scandal involved couples sneaking into the bathroom – an act that was generally followed by “lots of banging and squealing”, the website reports.

One eager couple forgot to lock the door and was met with applause when they tumbled into the aisle, half-naked and mortified.

Mischief beneath the blankets was another common occurrence.

One passenger told of seeing a woman “straddling” another traveller in business class during a flight from Sydney to London, while another passenger admitted to being asked to join the Mile High Club while in the queue for the loo.

A flight attendant reported finding two travellers in a wheelchair closet and two survey respondents say they saw couples being taken off flights in Australia by police because of their raunchy behaviour.

Other tales include the story of a lipstick message scrawled on the bathroom mirror that was discovered by an elderly woman instead of the young man it had been intended for. He’d kindly let the senior citizen go first.

Then there’s the sky-high lap dances on a stag party holiday, sexy underwear left on a seat and man who carried a human-size inflatable doll – and even purchased a seat for her.

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