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If you’ve been watching the TV show By Any Means, reading up on your Bill Bryson or just browsing the holiday deals online instead of working, you’ll probably be itching to get away yourself. But if you’re low on cash or afraid of flying, you’re going to have to get creative!

The motorcycle diaries

Made famous by the young and penniless Che Guevara in the 1950s, a motorcycle journey is possibly one of the most gratifying and life-changing journeys a person could go on. There’s nothing closer to nature than a man and his bike, and while this style of travel is a little on the unconventional side, hitting the road and letting nature take you on a journey is about as real as travelling gets.

Use your personality!

If a solo bike journey isn’t your thing, chances are you’re more of a people person. And the good news is that when it comes to cheap travel, personality goes a long way. Volunteering (or even getting paid if you’re lucky!) as a tour guide is a great way to see the world and learn something at the same time. There are plenty of organisations online dedicated specifically for those with itchy feet and big voices, so get researching.

Eco explorer

If volunteering sounds good, but you’d rather be part of a group than leading one, a global volunteering placement is a great option. Placements can include anything from building habitats to looking after wildlife. Some placements may come with a fee, but it’s usually minimal and all for a great cause.

Deliver someone’s car

Maybe you’re more interested in making a little money rather than saving it? If you can find someone willing to pay a little cash up front for accommodation costs, you can save a lot of money and potentially earn some by driving someone’s car a long distance. Better still, you can pocket the money for a decent bed, if necessary, by sleeping in the car. Just don’t drool on the seats.

Work on a yacht

Working on a yacht is also an option if you’re looking to travel vast distances and earn some pretty good money in tips as you go. Be warned though, it’s not always as glamorous as it sounds – think cleaning up after seasick guests. Do your research and make sure you have at least three months to work for one company or captain.

Make friends along the way

If you’re a broke social butterfly then there’s no better way to explore the globe than by couch surfing. Made popular a few years ago by couch-surfing websites, you’ll be amazed by the vast amount of people offering a free couch for travellers to crash on. Make sure you do your research and always let someone know where you are – other than that, enjoy the amount of friends you’ll soon have on Facebook!

Drive a rental car

Sounds expensive right? Wrong. Car and even campervan rental companies often have to manage and relocate their vehicles due to seasonal variations and trade. Rather than paying a professional driver a lot of money to drive the vehicle back, they offer the job to the general travelling public for as little as $1 a day. Fuel costs are also included.

Do you have any tips for travelling for free without flying? Let us know!

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