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Photo: Thinkstock

Do you try to avoid paying for luggage by squeezing suitcases into the overhead lockers? Those days may soon be over, with the Flight Attendants Association of Australia pushing for an overhaul of current baggage arrangements by airlines.

Cabin crew claim they are suffering injuries from lifting heavy bags into overhead lockers, and regular delays occur as staff run around trying to stow items that do not fit at the last minute.

Jo-Ann Davidson from the FAAA said they were planning a campaign targeting airlines and regulatory bodies, to get a review of cabin luggage and changes to incentives to carry-on.

"It's becoming a real problem for cabin crew, both in terms of injury and also for other passengers as well," she said.

She said much of the problem lay with airlines themselves, for failing to strictly impose weight restrictions on carry-on luggage.

"We'd like to see a standard applied throughout the whole industry so there's no one airline saying they've got a disadvantage because some are allowing 10kg, and some allowing two bags."

Are you guilty of trying to fit too much into overhead lockers?

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