Photo: Lava Ocean Tours
Photo: Lava Ocean Tours

One of the world's most incredible spectacles is taking place in Hawaii, for a limited time only.

Much to the delight of tourists, lava from Kilauea Volcano's Puu Oo vent has been spilling into the ocean since late November - creating spectacular 40ft waterfalls of molten lava.

Tour operators have ramped up the number of tours in order to meet the increased demand, which has seen people travel from around the world in order to catch a glimpse of the action.

According to Shane Turpin from Lava Ocean Adventures, the lava flow is usually pretty steady but it's a rare treat when it actually reaches the ocean. "Being able to see it on land is one thing; when it's touching the ocean, it's quite an exciting time."

Photo: Lava Ocean Tours
"I've been following this volcano my whole life, and I've stopped trying to predict it," he said. "I just sit here and enjoy it when it's happening."

The lava entering the ocean comes from one of two active flows on the coastal plain. Volcanoes are notoriously hard to predict, so it's not known how long this impressive display will last.

Photo: Lava Ocean Tours

See the action below:

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