With the first of 'The Hobbit' trilogy films hitting movie screens on boxing day, the Huffington Post is asking if New Zealand has gone too far in embracing all things 'Hobbit'.

The website posted a Twitter picture of a passport being stamped with "Welcome to Middle-Earth" and said: "Ok, New Zealand, the Hobbit hoopla is getting to be a bit much."

While the site said it was "totally adorable and understandable" that New Zealand was proud of its role in the movies, "this new passport stamp might be a bit too much".

"There are other great things for New Zealand to show off, after all," they wrote.

The site then asked its readers if they thought the stamp was "going overboard".

One user commented: "It's all they have man. Let them bask in it."

The same person also added: "Weather (sic) or not someone's been there doesn't matter at all actually. What matters more is what has NZ done that anyone knows about around the world? 2 things. Rugby team and that it's where the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed."

Air New Zealand, the official airline of Middle Earth, has also got into the Hobbit spirit with the unveiling of it's Hobbit themed plane and safety briefing video.

What do you think? Has New Zealand gone a bit Hobbit mad?

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