Pic de Bugarach. Photo: stepheye/Flickr
Pic de Bugarach. Photo: stepheye/Flickr

Fear that the world is going to end on December 21 has sparked a surge in flight bookings to two destinations.

Flight comparison website Skyscanner says believers of the Mayan prophecy are heading to two small villages – one in France and one in Turkey – believed to be safe from Armageddon, the Telegraph reports.

Bugarach in the south of France and Sirince, in the Turkish province of Izmir, have been touted as the places to be to avoid catastrophe.

Skyscanner says flight searches to the south of France for the week leading up to December 21 increased by 41 percent from the previous week.

Likewise, searches for one-way flights from the UK to Sirince have jumped 30 percent.

Skyscanner’s Victoria Bailie says: “We were surprised to see how big an increase there has been in searches for flights to the South of France and to Izmir in Turkey leading up to the 21st December: the date of the Mayan prophecy.”

Bugarach, a French farming village, has attracted fame from doomsday disciples claiming aliens will come out of a ‘spaceship garage’ in the town’s Pic de Bugarach mountain and take people out of harm’s way.

Sirince, not far from the ancient Greek city of Ephesus, is believed by some to be close to where the Virgin Mary ascended to heaven.

For that reason the town is thought to have an energy that could save people from the world’s end.

Sirince, Turkey. Photo: yenney/flickr

It has already seen a tourism boom because of the predictions, and an influx of more than 60,000 visitors is anticipated at the village of just 600.

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