Margate. Photo: Getty
Margate. Photo: Getty

A travel guide's 2013 "hot list" has beggared belief with some of the places that made the cut. Even the residents of one town included in the Rough Guide's list say they must have made a mistake.

The publication's hot list combines the writers and editors picks for where people should head to next year.

The English coastal village of Margate in Kent was the choice of web editor Tim Chester.

He describes it as a "gem" with cute cafes, vintage shops and indie art spaces.

"Margate now offers much more than its golden sands and dilapidated seaside charm," he wrote.

But some locals say Margate’s inclusion on the hot list is "totally ridiculous".

Robert Spires says it's not a place people like to live in "let alone go on holiday to".

"If this guide causes tens of thousands of people to descend on Margate from around the world I am afraid they will be very, very disappointed," he told the Daily Mail.

"Margate is run down, half of the shops are closed or in the process of closing down, there are yobs on every corner and amusement arcades all over the place."

Another odd inclusion on the list is a Spanish festival called Nowhere near the north-east town of Zaragoza.

Rough Guide publisher Jo Kirby chose the event as an easier alternative to the famous Burning Man festival in Nevada (easier only if you're over that part of the world we suppose).

Here's the full list.

North Cyprus
Stockholm, Sweden
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Kosice, Slovakia
Dresden, Germany
Northeast Iceland
Margate, England
Valparaiso, Chile
Puerto Rico
Nowhere (festival in the desert of northern Spain)

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