Any seasoned festival goer will tell you that whilst a music festival delivers magic to the ears its not a great sensation for the taste buds. Horrific memories of Chico rolls, burgers you could use as frisbees and hot dogs that work better as light sabres are experiences we all share and shudder about.

Well, put your not so shiny hang-ups back in the closet where they belong and wave your hands in the air like you just don't care. Please say 'hello luvva' to the first festival to caress all your senses with mouthfuls of magic.

Enter stage right to the oh so hip n cool Porteno n' Bodega boys, Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz who look like rocks stars with their tats and are heralded as the cooking kings of flame! They have rallied the hottest chefs to create CHOW TOWN a mini city of restaurant style food served at Big Day Out (BDO) Sydney.

So what can you expect? In a pre tasting it's safe to say this is one festival I would pay to get into to eat the food as opposed to pay to escape so I can find something decent to chowdown onto.

The lineup is an absolute cracker here are the highlights in order of star and taste bud pleasing power:

Hartsyard – Fried Chicken

The description of fried chicken is a bit like saying that Red Hot Chilli Peppers are kinda popular. It really doesn’t do it justice. Think 24hr brined chicken which is marinated in hot sauce and buttermilk then double breaded and deep fried to create finger lickin magic The KFC Kernel can only dream of.

Three Blue Ducks – Duck Salad

These three ex Tetsuya chefs are now the pin up models of the chef world given the boys good looks and love of surfin. The fact they can cook too is just one asset too many. Having a salad might not seem like the most exciting thing to do with your money, but you will be in a head spin with explosive flavours of tumbled roasted cashews, cucumber, red onion, fried eshallots all having a ducking good time.

Porteno – BBQ brisket and coleslaw sandwich

What’s a foodie line up without a burger? This one is the perfect bun to squish ratio with a potato bread roll hugging melt in the mouth BBQ brisket with luscious and refreshing skinny strips of coleslaw. It’s either a one or two hand job depending on your python-like abilities to get your jaws around it.

Longrain – Soy Chicken Skewers

Sydneysiders just go mad for Longrain’s special blend of Thai food thanks to Martin Boetz. It certainly knows its sweet, sour and salty flavours. Skewers of soy marinated chicken don’t disappoint. Laden with a sticky spice mix, the lemongrass and cucumber flavours balance out the richly flavoured meat. This is one stick you will not want to share.

The Apollo – Fried Cheese with Honey

This Pott’s Point favourite has been going from strength to strength. Jonathan Barthelmess is has brought Greek flair to our city and we can’t get enough. Expect to be entertained with the national favourite of fried Haloumi. Big square chunks are golden and glistening from a blanket of honey and an aromatic kick of oregano.

Rojo Rocket – Tostada de atun & tostada de aguachile

Head chef, Alejandro Urbina from Playa del Carmen, Mexico has been serving his unique tastes to those lucky Avoca fans in Central North Coast. At BDO, its Sydney’s turn to be spoilt. These toasty little numbers are a jumble of fun. Crispy tortilla topped with a hairdo of silky raw tuna and creamy chipotle sauce. Alternatively go for the aguachile of prawns with lime, cucumber and onion

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