Images: BIG
Images: BIG

Plans have been unveiled for an iconic observation tower that promises to put the US city of Phoenix on the map.

Danish architecture company BIG has released artists impressions of the 420-foot structure nicknamed ‘The Pin’, UK publication the Telegraph reports.

Designers say it will resemble a pin that’s literally been placed on the map of the relatively low-rise Arizona city. They say the spiral design is inspired by the interior of New York’s Guggenheim museum.

The tower will have about 10,000 square metres of space, with spiraling floors housing restaurants, shops, a bar and exhibition areas.

Architecture website Bustler describes the design as “sexy”.

US property company Novawest commissioned the project and envisages it as a tourist attraction and function centre for weddings and parties.

Construction is expected to start in August and the aim is to have it open before the 2015 Super Bowl that will be held at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Inevitably, the design has attracted controversy, with some saying it resembles a toilet brush.

A proposal by Donald Trump for a 190 ft hotel and apartment block in Phoenix was opposed by locals in 2003 and construction permits were denied.

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