Passengers stranded as flight leaves early
Passengers stranded as flight leaves early

Many flyers like to arrive at the airport early, enabling time to beat the crowds, pick up a few magazines and ease flying nerves with a pre-flight drink. There are those times, however, when en route to the airport circumstances lead to you arriving for domestic check-in just in the nick of time: like a flat tyre, pulling over for your toddler to pee, or simply sleeping through your alarm.

Make it to check-in 30 minutes before departure and you can breathe easy, but what if you scrape it in time only to find your flight took off early?

Stranger things do happen...especially on Ryanair.

Twenty people were left behind in a Polish airport last week when their Ryanair flight took off 30 minutes early.

The Telegraph reports the flight was due to leave Warsaw Chopin Airport at 11.30am, but left at 11.00am in error.

Due to maintenance work at the usual airport Ryanair flies out of - Modlin - the airline was using Chopin Airport, which couldn't give them their regular departure time of 11.00am, instead pushing it back to 11.30am.

Ryanair's spokesman said passengers had been told the correct boarding time.

"Warsaw Airport is responsible for the accuracy of the information displayed on its customer service screens and it is each passenger's personal responsibility to ensure they are at the departure gate before gate closure/final boarding, as per the times indicated on their boarding card," he said.

"Over 140 passengers boarded this flight without issue and Ryanair assisted the small number of passengers who failed to show up at the departure gate on-time for their scheduled flight departure."

Has your flight ever left early? How did the airline assist?

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