Sabine's cross continental road trip. Picture: Google Maps
Sabine's cross continental road trip. Picture: Google Maps

Put too much faith in technology and you may wind up in Croatia.

A 67-year-old woman from Belgium learned that the hard way after she followed (faulty) directions from her GPS device.

The woman only wanted to go about 140km from her hometown of Hainault Erquelinnes, Belgium, to pick up a friend at the Brussels train station. Her GPS device sent her about 1500km to the south before (during the second day of driving) she realized that something was amiss.

The driver, Sabine Moreau, stopped twice for gas, slept on the side of the road, and "even suffered a minor car accident" along the way. She told El Mundo that she wasn't paying attention.

It's believed she drove through France, Germany, Austria and Slovenia on the way.

I was distracted, so I kept driving. I saw all kinds of traffic signs, first in French, then German and finally in Croatian, but I kept driving because I was distracted. Suddenly I appeared in Zagreb and I realized I wasn't in Belgium anymore.

It's unclear if she entered the address incorrectly or if the GPS was faulty.

The lesson here: If you start seeing road signs in (multiple) foreign languages, pull over. You're probably going the wrong way.

Source: Yahoo US

Has your GPS ever told you to take a wrong turn?

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