Who will stand by this man as the new PR manager of Ryanair?
Who will stand by this man as the new PR manager of Ryanair?

The shortlist for what has been dubbed the worst job in PR has been cut down to just 10 keen candidates.

Ryanair began advertising for the position last month, after an announcement that Stephen McNamara would resign from the position to take up a similar role at the Irish Rugby Football Union, the Telegraph reports.

The Telegraph said Ryanair’s CEO, Micael O’Leary, paid tribute to Mr McNamara, acknowledging he had been “battered and bruised” for four years, and said the airline was now hunting to lock down a “brave soul” for the new role, which O’Leary described as a “high profile and incredibly overpaid” challenge.

According to the Irish Independent, Ryanair has narrowed the list of candidates to 10, after conducting the first round of interviews last week. The final 10 will even have to go head-on with Mr O’Leary, an interrogation that will no doubt be good training for what looms ahead for whoever takes on the daunting role.

Ryanair describes itself as “the world’s most popular airline”, much to the contrary of public opinion. The no-frills airline is constantly battling criticism arising from high fees and charges. Mr O’Leary is also not one to ‘dress-down’ for the media. Last year he called on passenger “stupid” for not printing out her own boarding pass, and his passion for customer service became questionable when he said: “People say the customer is always right, but you know what – they’re not. Sometimes they are wrong and they need to be told so.”

One thing’s for sure, the final 10 will no doubt be sharpening their blades for an uphill battle.

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