Flickr: Rick Schlamp
Flickr: Rick Schlamp

An Air India pilot is in hot water after ignoring last minute orders to change flights because she had pre-arranged to pick up some of her favourite dumplings.

According to reports, Captain Smriti Trehan refused to switch her scheduled Mumbai-Jodhpur-Delhi flight to a direct Mumbai-Delhi flight because she had arranged for some onion kachoris to be delivered to the Jodhpur airport.

The original flight was scheduled for 12pm, but she was asked to switch to the later 2pm flight.

Captain Trehan ignored the orders and turned up to the airport for her original job, informing airline operators that she did not intend to change her plans.

Her bizarre refusal caused chaos among Air India staff as they scrambled to find a replacement pilot, delaying the Mumbai-Delhi flight by an hour.

A plate of onion kachoris Flickr: mynameisharsha

It's believed the onion kachoris were successfully delivered to Captain Trehan at Jodhpur airport, and she took off for Delhi without delay.

She is now facing possible suspension.

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