Joint Qantas-Emirates network open for bookings
Joint Qantas-Emirates network open for bookings

It's been a somewhat turbulent journey up until now, but Qantas customers can officially start booking on the joint Qantas-Emirates network for travel from March 31.

Qantas International CEO Simon Hickey said customers could now book travel on a mix of Qantas and Emirates services to Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

"The feedback from customers since the Qantas and Emirates partnership was announced has been fantastic, so we are pleased people can start booking from today," said Mr Hickey.

Today also marks the start of Emirates selling seats on Qantas services, in an arrangement that will ultimately see the world’s largest international airline drive traffic to regional hubs such as Hobart and the Gold Coast, on routes operated by Qantas.

Additionally, Qantas Frequent Flyers can earn points and status credits on Qantas flights operated by Emirates.

The announcement follows the interim authorisation from the ACCC for the proposed Qantas and Emirates partnership, which still remains subject to government and regulatory approvals.

Have your say. Will you be flying Qantas/Emirates in 2013? What are your expectations of the service?

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