Kim Jong-il s corpse on display for tourists
Kim Jong-il's corpse on display for tourists

The embalmed corpse of former North Korean ruler Kim Jong-il is now on display for tourists wanting to see the body firsthand.

The attraction opened at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun in Pyongyang in December, but the first western tourists visited last week.

Among the group of 10 was British travel agent Richie Fenner, who told The Times newspaper the embalmers had “done a good job”.

The former leader, who died in 2011, He is displayed dressed in his trademark army uniform, covered in a red sheet, alongside his favourite platform shoes, sunglasses, and Apple Macbook Pro laptop he is thought to have been using when he suffered a fatal heart attack. The body is in a glass case surrounded by red and white flowers.

Would you want to see the famous ruler's corpse?

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