If you've paid good money for your premium airline seat, you might be a little peeved when someone from gets upgraded for free - but would you get violent? This passenger did.

A 42-year-old woman on board a JetBlue flight from New York to San Diego became enraged when a man was moved to a seat in her row without paying extra.

It's alleged he was moved up to one of the airline's "Even More Space" premium seats when it was discovered his in-flight TV monitor was broken.

According to witnesses, the woman became abusive towards her new seatmate and got into an argument with the flight crew, which reportedly became physical. An air marshal intervened and the flight was diverted to Denver. Law enforcement was waiting at the gate.

Police said the woman was "volatile and was interfering with the flight crew".

The 137 passengers on board the flight endured a delay of several hours before they were back on their way to San Diego.

Denver police said they aren't pursuing charges.

Do you think its fair to upgrade for free?

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