L-R: Rose Veal, Scallop & Bream Ceviche, King Prawn Ravioli
L-R: Rose Veal, Scallop & Bream Ceviche, King Prawn Ravioli

Everyone knows that "Mayfair" is the most expensive property in the Monopoly board game and most champagne lovers have heard the famous quote "Krug is the champagne God gives his angels when they've been really good" by restaurant critic Paul Levy (who also coined the original phrase "foodie").

So if you have been exceptionally good, why not treat yourself and a loved one to London's ultimate fine dining experience?

Krug's Seasonal Menu at Murano

Best known for her well-balanced dishes using seasonal ingredients, TV superstar, michelin-starred Chef Patron and popular cookbook author Angela Hartnett MBE opened Mayfair’s refined Italian influenced Michelin starred Murano in 2008 (with mentor Gordon Ramsay) and welcomed the House of Krug to its extensive Champagnes list in 2010. In 2012 Angela joined forces with 5th generation family champagne maker Olivier Krug to launch a unique "seasonal" five-course menu concept, designed to offer diners exquisite fresh ingredients and stunningly flavoured dishes by Murano paired with specially selected bottles of Krug.

If ever there was a food and wine matching menu to die for this is it.

Krug Autumnal Menu at Murano

Once you're comfortably installed at the Chef's Table with a bird's eye view of the working kitchen, the first cab off the rank in this definitive five course champagne and food matching degustation is a Scallop and bream ceviche served with horseradish cream and a cute pot of vegetable tempura on the side. Plump slivers of scallop meat in a creamy sauce prove a wonderful foil for the rich and fruity multi-vintage Krug Grande Cuvee (usually an assemblage of 50 different wines), which just lingers on and on the palate.

The second splendid dish delivered is a Ravioli of king prawn, with shellfish vinaigrette and fennel purée paired with Krug 2000. Caressed by the refined intensity and exquisite palate length of this vigorous vintage champagne, the delicate prawns are so melt-in-the-mouth delicious that you will most certainly pine for an encore, but no worries, because the third course in this culinary journey delivers in spades.

The amazing flavours oozing from Angela's main course, prime cuts of roasted English rose veal, served with toasted spiced breadcrumbs, wild mushrooms, a shallot purée and roasted chicory literally left me speechless - and that’s without mentioning its champagne pair Krug 1998. Krug is the most talked about but least consumed champagne in the world - the very definition of prestige.

The 1998 is an unusual vintage for Krug because chardonnay is the dominant component, whereas usually Krug is a pinot (or black grape) dominant champagne, which is partly why Krug always displays such body and sheer physical presence on the palate. Breathtakingly pure and minerally with a broad yet firm finish offering a luxurious combination of citrus and coffee notes, the legendary 1998 vintage champagne by Krug is quite approachable now, but really best enjoyed on its own.

I had to skip the fourth course (lactose intolerant) - a bowl of parmigiano reggiano balls, but my neighbour was quick to reassure me that the huge chunks of hard cheese were totally scrumptious, washed down with yet more of the legendary Krug grande cuvee. (I’ve often thought of Krug as a meal in a glass by itself, so I was quite happy to enjoy this marvelous champagne on its own).

However my personal stand out dish of the night was the imaginative yet simple 5th course - a dessert of ginger pain perdu, served with Earl Grey jelly and ginger ice-cream. Both light and fragrant, yet intensely sweet at the same time - this charming dish created an orchestra of flavours in the mouth which (surprisingly perhaps) in no way clashed with my final flute of delicious Krug Grande Cuvee. In fact this unusual finale pairing was a fitting apogee to such a wonderful gastronomic adventure.

PS. The new seasonal Krug at Murano Spring menu is coming March 2013...

If you go

Prior notice must be given to book a table for the exclusive Krug dining experience at Murano, but your palate can enter Heaven on Earth for just £250 per person all inc.

Please contact the Murano reservation line +44 (0)207 495 1127 or visit www.muranolondon.com for more information.

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