Jetstar Asia is advertising the feng shui tool on its Facebook page. Image: Facebook
Jetstar Asia is advertising the feng shui tool on its Facebook page. Image: Facebook

Want to find love, a better career or get rich quick? Just choose the right seat row on the plane and your luck will improve, according to Jetstar Asia.

Claiming to be the first airline in the world to study an aircraft's feng shui, Jetstar Asia hired feng shui 'master' David Tong to assess the energy flows on its A320 planes and ascertain how flyers can improve their chances of achieving their goals.

It's a clever marketing trick in recognition of Chinese New Year – but nonetheless, it's fun and (seemingly) harmless to give it a crack.

The website will produce a personalised recommendation of what rows you should sit in after you enter your name, birthday and sex.

It even tells you where you should be heading to (a bit of a stretch of the feng shui principles, we reckon) and helpfully informs you of the number of flights to your ideal destination each week.

According to CNN, there are general travel recommendations as well as specific results for the individual.

Blokes wanting to ensure their good health are advised to go for rows 9, 19, or 29, while women looking for a financial boost should choose rows 1,11 or 21.

If friendship is what you’re after, go for 3, 4, 13, 14, 23 or 24.

Tong also says those who fly early – between 5am and 7am – will be the luckiest travellers.

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