Romania has appealed to Britons' love of their beautiful brunettes to entice them to visit the eastern European country.

A new tongue-in-cheek ad campaign called 'Why don't you come over' proudly boasts "Half our women look like Kate. The other half, like her sister".

According to the BBC, the ads are inspired by reports that the UK government is considering negative ads about Britain and its people in a bid to deter migrants from eastern Europe.

Pippa Middleton and the Duchess of Cambridge watch the men's tennis finals from the royal box at Wimbledon. Photo: Getty

The Duchess of Cambridge is not the only British royal to get a mention in the media campaign.

One poster also refers to property Prince Charles owns in Transylvania, which he describes as the "jewel in Romania's crown".

"Charles bought a house here in 2005. And Harry has never been photographed naked once."

Other ads brag about the beer that's "less expensive than your bottled water" and claim Romanians "speak better English than anywhere you've been in France".

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