iPhone Passbook boarding passes, now with live updates. Credit: Qantas
iPhone Passbook boarding passes, now with live updates. Credit: Qantas

Qantas has announced enhanced functionality for its mobile boarding passes, which are available using the Apple Passbook app.

Customers who have added mobile boarding passes to their Passbook app will now receive real-time notifications if their flight details change, including gate and boarding time.

Live updates will allow customers to enjoy a more seamless boarding process, reducing the need to rely on airport announcements and departure boards for the latest information about their flight. Those travelling without bags, can save time, check-in, and with a mobile boarding pass, head straight to the gate.

Customers will be notified of their boarding gate two hours before departure for all major Australian airports, with the exception of Sydney T3, where a push-notification will be sent 90 minutes prior to departure. To receive notifications, mobile or Wi-Fi internet connectivity must be available.

How does Passbook work?
Visit qantas.com/checkin for more information on Mobile Check-in.

The Qantas passbook app is available to domestic Qantas customers who are eligible for mobile check-in, and is compatible only with iPhones operating on iOS 6 or above.

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