Aladdin. Credit: Disney
Aladdin. Credit: Disney

An eight-year-old boy is unhappy he didn’t get to meet any “cool” princes, like Aladdin or Eric, on a recent Disney Cruise.

The kid, Ethan, recently travelled with his family on the cruise ship Disney Dream. Disappointed he was not able to meet his heroes, Ethan filed an official letter of complaint to the famous cruise line.

“I just got back from a trip on the Disney Dream. I had a pretty good time but it could have been better,” he wrote.

"I wish I could have met some princes like Aladdin or Eric, but there was no boy character on the ship."

"I would also like to meet Jack Sparrow. It made me a little sad. I complained a lot. I'm not sure we'll go on another cruise again."

Fair point. Have you been on a Disney Cruise? See any “cool” princes or just a bunch of hot princesses? Share your experience below.

Letter photo credit: Reddit

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