Man goes ballistic after missing flight
Man goes ballistic after missing flight

The moment a traveller went ballistic at airline staff, smashed a computer and tried to break through the glass door has been caught on CCTV footage.

According to, a member of China’s government advisory board CPPCC bought a plane ticket at Kunmings Changshui International Airport and then enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with his wife.

They missed the boarding call and when he was told he was too late to board at the gate, he ignored staff and tried to open the door to the tarmac.

Fuming when it wouldn’t open, the man – identified as Yan Linkun – grabs a computer keyboard at the boarding gate desk and gesticulates aggressively at an airline staff member.

He then takes his fury out on the keyboard, smashing it on the floor and doing the same to a phone.

Next to suffer at his hands is the boarding gate sign. Linkun grabs it and repeatedly attempts to smash the door open with it, before just smashing the sign into pieces.

A crowd forms and security staff hover nearby but fail to intervene.

And the grand finale? Linkun yells something to the crowd (if only the footage had sound) and his wife rips up her ticket.

Watch the CCTV footage here:

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