Threat of nuclear war no deterrent for Aussies booking cheap flights to Korea
Threat of nuclear war no deterrent for Aussies booking cheap flights to Korea

The threat of nuclear war seems to be no deterrent for Aussies snapping up cheap flights to Korea.

Aussie travelers looking for a bargain adventure were quick to snap up last month’s Scoot airlines flights on the new service between Coolangatta and Seoul, and have booked most of the next month’s seats too, The Gold Coast Bulletin reports.

Services on the new route will take off on May 29, with only a few seats remaining on the inaugural flight.

Travellers looking to explore South Korea in June will need to pay as much as $665.23 per person for an economy seat with the low-cost carrier.

Despite North Korea urging foreigners to get out of Korea ahead of the possibility of “thermonuclear war”, online searches show Air Asia X flights to Seoul from the Gold Coast over the next two months are so popular with Aussie travelers that almost all cheap flights were sold out.

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Korean politics expert Professor Andrew O'Neil, from Griffith University, who is scheduled to visit South Korea next week, said he was not surprised to discover other people were still going ahead with their travel plans, The Gold Coast Bulletin reports.

"The sharemarkets in that part of the world have been significantly affected by issues over there," he said.

"But travellers tended to be a little less cautious."

Mr O'Neill said one of the reasons for the blase altitude of holidaymakers was the long history of the Korean conflict.

"There has been trouble over there since the 1950s," he said.

"So it is difficult for people to know when it is really serious."

Mr O'Neill said people needed to take the recent events in Korea seriously since the threat of nuclear weapons had significantly increased the risk.

"If things are going to happen this time, they will happen quickly. This is particularly true if you take the nuclear capability into account," he said.

Mr O'Neill said tourists might shy away from Korea if the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade put out a warning through its Smart Traveller website, which was yet to happen.

What do you think? Have you bought one of the cheap flights to South Korea or know someone who has?

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